A radio controlled 2×2 RGB status display

I needed a solution to display the build status of my most precious Jenkins jobs on my whiteboard. As sweet dreams are made out of radio controlled RGB LEDs (blinkenlights!), I hooked up a RFM12 module with some powerful RGB LEDs, put them in a laser cutted case and attached magnetic spreaders. Easy as that.

Well, actually it was way more complicated, but nevertheless there is a working setup now. The squarish display can be remote controlled by any RFM12 compatible device, e.g. my rfm12trx and the result looks quite nice – very bright and pretty colors.

See https://github.com/kiu/rfm12square for Bill Of Materials, DXF files, Eagle/Gerber files and source code.

- All files are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) -